Lo welcomes intervention by Environment Minister to resolve issues over Statutory Transition Committees

Alliance Environment spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has welcomed the intervention of the Environment Minister, Mark H Durkan, who has called on a number of Councils to resolve issues over nominations to Statutory Transition Committees. He has written to Ballymoney, Belfast, Castlereagh, Lisburn and Strabane Councils. These committees will help the transition to the new merged Councils.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I welcome the intervention by the Environment Minister to resolve the issues around nominations to these Statutory Transition Committees. His Department’s guidance clearly outlines that a proportional system should be used to select these nominees, yet several Councils have ignored this guidance.

“These Councils should not be allowed to ignore democracy. We cannot allow this situation to continue, where for example, Alliance are denied one of the two Castlereagh seats on the Belfast Committee despite Alliance being the second largest party on that Council.

“These Councils must now adhere to the instructions that the Minister has given them to ensure that the nominees are correctly selected.

“These committees will help the transition to the new Council system to deliver better services for everyone, so it is therefore disappointing that these Councils have supported a tribal carve up when selecting their nominees.”


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