McCarthy alarmed by removal of child care allowance

Alliance Assembly Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has expressed alarm at news that Invest NI is removing allowances for child care aimed at young entrepreneurs.

The Strangford MLA stated: “The Alliance Party has been campaigning, inside and outside the Assembly, to expand childcare provision to enable everyone to enter the workplace and seek promotion without thought of time and financial constraints. “

Northern Ireland is being left behind England and Wales in this regard.When we talk about re-balancing the economy, we need not just to talk about public to private, but also enabling parents to play a full role, and that means improved childcare provision.

“There is some concern that Invest NI is sending out a contrary message to this by withdrawing childcare funding in some cases, and we would seek clarification from the Enterprise Minister on this. People starting new businesses must be in the same position as anyone else starting a new job, and childcare allowances and provision should be being expanded not restricted.”


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