Long attacks Sinn Fein saying where is the delivery?

Following the publication of a Sinn Fein leaflet declaring they are ‘delivering in Government’, Alliance Party Chair Michael Long has asked where’s the delivery? He highlighted Tuesday’s Victims Commissioners debacle, stating this Executive has mostly delivered delays and missed opportunities.

Castlereagh Councillor Michael Long said: “In a Sinn Fein leaflet published today they say they are delivering in government, but there is little evidence of this.

“Sinn Fein caused the Victims’ Commissioners debacle in the Assembly on Tuesday. People will find it very to stomach that Martin McGuinness is hailing this issue as one of their successes. The fact that he also trumpets stopping PPS 14 says it all. Is allowing bungalow blight across the countryside something to be proud of?

“He also says that the Budget and Programme for Government were other achievements. Many would profoundly disagree. The Executive’s plans are flimsy and lacking real innovation. Where are their efforts to end segregation? Where are the real changes needed to improve our health service? Where are the initiatives needed to re-balance our economy? Where is the radical though needed to increase sustainability and improve public transport?”

“Except for a couple of initiatives, this Executive has been very unimaginative and has lacked courage and conviction. People can see through this spin and fluff from Sinn Fein and can see there is very little substance to this Executive.”


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