McBride comments cannot alone assuage health fears

Alliance Party Health Spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy MLA has said that assurances from Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael McBride that cuts will not hit patient care will not alone end the fears that people have over cuts. Mr McCarthy also said the health trusts and the Minister should not press the panic button and that any efficiencies should be made in health administration, not frontline services.

Kieran McCarthy MLA stated: “Assurances from the Chief Medical Officer are welcome however, the public will reserve judgement until they can see for themselves what sort of impact any cuts will have. Words can only do so much, what people want to see is that health services will not decrease in quality and that waiting lists will not grow.

“This is an over-used phrase, but it fits in this case – I have to ask what planet health administrators are on if they are looking at cutting frontline services ahead of office support?

“I simply cannot see why cuts in bed numbers and a freeze in recruitment are being proposed when must less painful cuts in health administration could be made. We need a sensible approach to be taken on efficiencies, and the health trusts and the Minister must not press the panic button.”


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