Ford writes to leaders to request 11-plus crisis talks

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has revealed that Alliance Leader David Ford has written to the other main parties Assembly Leaders to request talks to resolve the post-primary transfer crisis.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Alliance has taken the initiative by writing to the other four main parties to raise the issue of talks to tackle the post-primary transfer chaos. It is imperative that all parties get round the table as quickly as possible in order to prevent next year’s P7s facing the confusion that confronts this year’s pupils.

“There can be no excuse for failure to hold talks. We would expect to hear from other parties promptly. If they do not respond positively, this may be seen by some as a damning indictment of how little they care about the future of our education system.

“The public are right to expect their politicians to address their concerns, and post-primary transfer has caused much worry in recent times. I believe that all-party talks are the only option. We need to build consensus now and the Executive parties must learn from the mistakes of last year which created this chaos.

“Alliance presented a compromise last year, which would see the end of the 11-plus but provide a CCEA-formulated test in the short-term to prevent the confusion of having different tests to sit and to allow time to find consensus. We need to see an end to academic selection at age 11, and the parties must get round the table to work out the best way to do this for children, parents, teachers and our education system.”



Alliance supports the Belfast Telegraph campaign and petition for talks to resolve the 11-plus crisis and Trevor Lunn was deemed ‘top of the class’ on the front page of the Belfast Telegraph on his work to try and organise talks on the issue.

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