McAllister says racism has no place in society, following house attack

Alliance North Belfast Councillor Nuala McAllister has said racism has no place in our society, after paint bombs were thrown at a house in a racially-motivated attack.

The property in Fernagh Avenue in Newtownabbey was attacked in the early hours of Sunday. One smashed the front window. Four adults and a child were inside at the time but nobody was injured. Police have confirmed they are treating the incident as a racially-motivated.

“This was a reckless attack which could have resulted in serious injury,” said Councillor McAllister.

“My thoughts are with the victims of this crime. Racism has absolutely no place in our society and there is no excuse for this. This behaviour is not representative of the vast majority of people in tjis area, who are open and welcoming.

“I utterly condemn those who carried it out and I urge anyone with information on this incident to contact police with it immediately.”