McAllister says her Global Belfast campaign will continue after her term as Lord Mayor

Alliance Councillor Nuala McAllister has said her Global Belfast campaign will continue, despite her successful year as Lord Mayor coming to an end.

Councillor McAllister was speaking as she stepped down from the role at today’s meeting of Belfast City Council. She said Global Belfast would continue to be her theme as a public representative, as she wanted to showcase the vibrant, open and diverse nature of the city.

“When I became Lord Mayor I wanted to showcase Belfast for the inclusive city I knew it is at heart. So the idea of a Global Belfast was not new to me, but something I recognised in the city I’ve called home all my life, the city I believed in despite the negative and often damming headlines it often seemed to generate.

“While preparing for my final few weeks in office, I was struck my idea of a Global Belfast won’t end with the special events which have taken place in the city recently. Instead, it is a concept which will live on, reaping continued benefits for our city and Northern Ireland in years to come.

“On any given day, you can see over a dozen cranes in our skyline. We have global brands investing in our city. Crowds flock to the regular festivals marking all traditions across the city. We are witnessing a digital revolution here.

“We currently have £400 million pounds of capital projects ongoing in this city and, whilst we can still see the historical impact of the industrial revolution and how it has shaped our city, we are now witnessing a digital revolution.

“All this has provided much needed opportunities for our young people, who thirst for opportunity in an open and inclusive atmosphere, and who will be the next leaders in all walks of life. I leave office confident Belfast will continue to move forward, proving itself as a positive, inclusive place and enduring in its quest to be a recognised global city open to all.”

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