Long calls for new banners at shared housing development to be removed

Alliance Councillor Michael Long has called for new banners erected around a shared housing development to be removed.

The new banners showing atrocities carried out by the IRA were put up in Cantrell Close and Global Crescent. It follows UVF flags previously being erected in the area.

“These banners should not have gone up and should be taken down again immediately,” said Councillor Long.

“Choice Housing have confirmed unsurprisingly residents there were not consulted over this move and it is just the latest in a campaign by some to intimidate, bully and demarcate along Ravenhill Avenue.

“The terrorism campaign carried out by the IRA was disgusting. But what is also disgusting is using the deaths of innocent people as a point-scoring exercise. Everyone has a right to remember their dead but these banners instead simply want to exploit people’s pain to try and drag us back to the past.”

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