Mayor Muir supports Armed Forces Holywood Jobs and Trades Fair

Alliance Mayor Andrew Muir attended the Armed Forces Jobs and Trades Fair in Kinnegar, Holywood, on Sunday, March 23, to support the recruitment efforts of the Army, RAF and Royal Navy.

Mayor Muir toured the event, talking to serving officers, finding out more about the career opportunities and providing his support.

Commenting after the event, he said: “I was grateful of the opportunity to attend this important event and provide my support for the Army, RAF and Royal Navy who can offer many positive career possibilities including the Reserve Forces opportunities for those who seek to remain in Northern Ireland and continue with their current employer.

“The professional, approachable nature of those involved was impressive and I hope the event proved fruitful. Whilst I may not currently have the time for a career in the Reserve Forces it’s an attractive and life enhancing role for many which I fully support.”

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