Lunn: Poll shows business sector support for integrated education

Alliance Education spokesperson, Trevor Lunn MLA, has said that a poll by the Integrated Education Fund and Lucid Talk has shown that the business sector supports integration education. 77% of respondents from the business community stated that a de-segregated education system could contribute to strengthening cross-community relationships in the workplace and impact positively on economy growth.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “This poll clearly shows that the business sector believes that we should be growing our integrated education sector. The fact that 77% of respondents either strongly agreed or agreed that a de-segregated education system would impact positively on the Northern Ireland economy, shows that the support is there for integrated education.

“I hope the Education Minister will take note of the comments by John Armstrong of the Construction Employers Federation who stated that shared education is a fudge as it maintains segregated education. While shared education does have a place, it should not be seen as an alternative to integrated education.

“I was really interested to read the results of this poll. It shows that the business community have strong views about our education. I really hope that they will look to get more involved in shaping our future education system. We all have a vested interest to ensure that we provide the best possible education for our future employees.”


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