Lyttle welcomes progress on restoring ‘Teenage Kicks’ mural

Alliance East Belfast MLA Chris Lyttle has held meetings with government officials, youth & community workers and community artists with the aim of restoring the Teenage Kicks mural at Bridge End.

The artwork, depicting a lyric from The Undertones’ 1978 song, had been located on the Bridge End flyover since 2004 but was removed in June as part of a government environmental improvement scheme in the area.

Alliance MLA Mr Lyttle had expressed concerns on this matter previously and has assisted community artists and youth workers to present joint ideas for restoration to Department for Social Development officials.

East Belfast Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle said: “These are the first steps towards restoring a mural that caught the imagination of many people in East Belfast and beyond and I am delighted that people are working together on a cross-community basis on this issue.

“I understand that for many people, the value of the piece was its unplanned nature but I believe this is a genuine move to restore as much of the original work and it’s positive message as possible.

“I hope that the collaborative approach, with proper consultation, creative workshops and events will include people from different backgrounds to deliver both a restoration of the mural and another community piece that will inspire everyone who sees them at this key location.”


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