Alliance Youth encourages students to register to vote

Alliance Youth have encouraged university students to ensure that they are on the electoral register. Staff from the Electoral Office will be delivering electoral register forms to every house, which should be returned by 27th September.

Alliance Youth Campaigns Officer Gary Spedding said: “It is vitally important for students to make sure that they are on the electoral register. It ensures your democratic right to vote and allows people to have their say on who governs Northern Ireland or represents us in Westminster or Europe.

“By voting in elections you will have a say on issues such as tuition fees, the economy and international matters such as the crisis in Syria. There are many decisions that will be made by elected representatives that will affect students’ lives both during their studies and in the careers that they will hope to take.

“I hope that more students will avail of this democratic right that many people in other countries around the world do not have.

“I would encourage them to make sure that they complete the electoral register form and return it by the 27th September deadline.”


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