Long votes against Lobbying Bill

Alliance East Belfast MP Naomi Long has voted against the Lobbying Bill at Second Reading in the House of Commons due to concerns over lack of scrutiny and the negative impact it may have on the legitimate activities of charities.

Naomi Long MP said: “It is important in a democracy for there to be proper regulation and transparency of lobbying activity, to ensure that no organisation is unduly influencing political decisions; however, I have serious concerns at the speed at which this Bill is going through Parliament, as it has not been given adequate scrutiny and as a result, may have significant unintended consequences.

“This Bill as it stands, could impose significant restrictions on the entirely legitimate and non-partisan activities of many charitable organisations and good cause campaigners who seek to raise issues with political parties. If passed in its current form, it could result in a significant reduction in the involvement of civic society in voicing their support or opposition for major decisions and I believe it requires major change to make it fit for purpose.

“I voted against this Bill at Second Reading as I believe that full pre-legislative scrutiny should be undertaken urgently to produce a Bill which will address this issue properly.”


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