Webb – UVF mural is a backward step

Alliance Belfast Councillor Andrew Webb has said that the painting of a UVF mural over an image of George Best is a backward step. Belfast City Council contributed public money towards the George Best mural at Inverwood Court in East Belfast three years ago.

Cllr Andrew Webb said: “The appearance of this paramilitary image is a backward step, particularly after so much hard work went into the reimaging three years ago. I am appalled that a celebration of the life of George Best has been replaced by a sickening image of a paramilitary gunman.

“It is unacceptable that this UVF mural is being used to intimidate and act as a territorial marker. This threatening and divisive behaviour is not something that can be tolerated in a society that is seeking to move forward and become more inclusive to all.

“When the Council agrees to fund projects such as this to change areas for the better and create more shared and welcoming spaces that are less intimidating, it is done on the basis that the change is permanent.

“I will be following this up with Council officials to see what terms were agreed when the George Best image was painted.

“This new image stands in stark contrast to the positivity of the reimaging process including murals depicting CS Lewis, the Titanic and George Best. I believe this mural was unveiled as part of the successful all-Ireland youth football tournament the George Best Community Cup.”


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