Lyttle says all departments must work together to tackle division

Alliance Party Spokesperson on matters relating to OFMDFM Chris Lyttle MLA has said it is crucial that there is joined-up action in government to tackle division and the costs associated with it. He said that tackling division in public services will help provide solutions to the difficult circumstances facing our public finances.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “It is crucial that government is pro-active on addressing segregation. We need to see government departments working together to enable the best possible progress on tackling segregation.

“Division costs our society £1Billion annually and to fail to completely address the issue would be disgraceful. Creating a shared future cannot simply be done in isolation in separate departments and it is crucial that there is a commitment from all departments to work together on addressing this pressing issue. Joined-up government can help us reach our potential on delivering value for money and improving community relations.

“Alliance is demonstrating vision on tackling division and it is crucial that other parties follow our lead.

“There are many challenges currently facing our public finances and tackling segregation in our services is key to addressing this.”


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