Lyttle launches Assembly group on cycling

Alliance East Belfast MLA Chris Lyttle has launched a new Assembly Group on cycling at Stormont today. This new group will be used as a means of improving the links between the relevant Government agencies and the third sector. It was launched during the Travelwise bicycle week. Chris will chair this new Assembly group.

Chris Lyttle MLA: “We have seen a rise in participation in cycling. This has been helped by improvements in cycle routes and an increased understanding of the benefits of active transport as an alternative to the car.

“Many people have also been inspired by international success such as the Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins and our local World Track Championship gold medallist Martyn Irvine.

“This group has been formed to help give a more joined up approach to cycling. With several Departments having different responsibilities for cycling and a number of third sector groups involved, I believe that by having regular open meetings we can deliver more for current cyclists as well as encouraging more people to take it up.

“With increased congestion and high costs of running a car, public transport and cycling is on the rise. There is still work to be done to improve attitudes towards cycling and cyclists, but I hope new initiatives such as this Assembly group will help.

“The group will look into the possibility of conducting an inquiry into how we can get Northern Ireland cycling even more.”


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