Lyttle –New Steps 2 Success programme can help deliver for the unemployed and economically inactive

Alliance Employment and Learning spokesperson Chris Lyttle MLA has welcomed the launch of the new Steps 2 Success programme which will replace Steps to Work from June 2014. The contracts for the current programme end in 2014 and a new programme that is more suited to our current needs has been put together. His comments were made after the Employment and Learning Minister made a statement to the Assembly on this issue.

Chris Lyttle MLA said: “In recent years we have seen changes in the factors surrounding employment which have posed new challenges. By introducing a new programme that takes account of these new factors, we can build on the success of its predecessor Steps to Work, and deliver better results for both the unemployed and economically inactive.

“By introducing a more tailor made programme, we can ensure that each person who takes part in the programme is seen as an individual rather than just another case in the system.

“Offering a more flexible system, we can ensure that the contractors offer what is best for each individual to help them sustain employment.

“I look forward to hearing more from the Minister on this. I know he is committed to delivering the best possible services to help more people sustain employment.”


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