Lo lends her support to the ‘Amend the Bill’ campaign

Alliance Environment spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has given her support to the ‘Amend the Bill’ campaign which is lobbying against clauses in the Planning Bill which will give extra weight to economic development over environmental protection or social well-being in planning applications.

Anna Lo MLA said:”I am supporting the ‘Amend the Bill’ campaign. If these clauses are kept in the Planning Bill then economic development issues will have extra weight in our planning laws over environmental or social well-being concerns. This could result in planning applications not in the best interests of communities and the environment being approved.

“There must be a balance between these issues in our planning system. It is my belief that these clauses would upset that equilibrium.

“With nearly 5,000 people supporting their campaign, it is clear that there is a lot of concern amongst the public about this legislation. I would encourage anybody who wishes to see the protection of the environment or their community’s social well-being, to get involved in the ‘Amend the Bill’ campaign.

“I have already indicated my intention to amend these clauses, and with lobbying from this campaign, I hope that we will be successful.”


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