Lyttle hopes to see greater Executive support for cycling

Alliance Chair of the Assembly Group on Cycling, Chris Lyttle MLA, has welcomed the report by the Regional Development Committee on the benefits of cycling to the economy.

Speaking during the Assembly debate on the report, Chris Lyttle MLA said: “Alliance has campaigned for greater investment in sustainable and active forms of transport such as cycling. As Chair of the Assembly Group on Cycling, I have organised a number of events and meetings to facilitate this goal.

“We have seen a growth in momentum for cycling in recent years in Northern Ireland. The active school travel and the Belfast public bike hire scheme will provide more opportunities to get people cycling, while the Giro d’Italia and the legacy event due to take place this year has put cycling in Northern Ireland on the international stage.

“Three main barriers to cycling have been identified – bike ownership, infrastructure and weather and misconceptions. I hope that through initiatives such as the Belfast public hire scheme, better mutual respect for all road users and the inclusion of cycling in places such as media travel updates, we will see a further growth in cycling.

“For too long, cycling has been marginalised – this must change.”


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