Nicholl: Legal threats prove no Unionist unity in Newry and Armagh

Newry and Armagh Alliance candidate Kate Nicholl has described a pact between the DUP and UUP in her constituency as ‘laughable’.

Speaking after it was revealed the DUP was preparing to back attempts to prosecute Ulster Unionist Minister Danny Kennedy, while also urging voters to support him as the Unionist unity candidate in the General Election – she added only Alliance was committed to giving voters a real choice.

Kate Nicholl said: “It is absolutely laughable that the DUP would urge voters to vote for Danny Kennedy as the person they believe is best placed to represent the constituency, yet at the same time they are prepared to prosecute him due to his conduct as Minister.

“You actually couldn’t make it up and the people of Newry and Armagh deserve better. This pact was made behind closed doors by men in grey suits, taking voters for granted and denying them their democratic right come Election Day.

“The fallout from this patched together agreement has already begun and while they fight among themselves – even going as far to threaten legal action – Alliance remains committed to moving Newry and Armagh forward, not back.

“I’m standing to offer voters choice. They can move back to the politics of fear and division, or forward to inclusive and progressive politics and a shared future. Alliance has proven it can deliver, step forward with me to strengthen what we can achieve at Westminster.”

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