Lyttle condemns those responsible for fire at East Belfast community centre

East Belfast Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle has said a fire at Ballybeen Women’s Centre could have caused serious injury to staff or members of the public.

The blaze took place in the early hours of Sunday at the centre and followed another incident last Sunday (12th August) in which fencing was damaged and tiles removed from the centre’s pre-school area.

Mr Lyttle, who earlier this summer presented education and training programme awards at the centre, said he was “disgusted” by the fire.

“Ballybeen Women’s Centre is an invaluable asset to the local community. Management, staff and volunteers work tirelessly to provide Ballybeen with affordable childcare provision and quality adult learning programmes for all, and yet mindless individuals could so easily have destroyed the centre with this reckless act.

“I will be meeting with the PSNI and Castlereagh Policing and Community Safety Partnership to confirm everything is being done to make those involved in this dangerous criminal behaviour responsible for their actions and to protect the positive community development that is on-going in Ballybeen.”


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