Lyttle backs ban on snares

Alliance East Belfast MLA Chris Lyttle has backed a new campaign to ban snares in Northern Ireland.

The League Against Cruel Sports move would see a prohibition of the devices, which trap an estimated 1.7 million animals each year. The organisation has labelled snares, which can cause serious injury or even death, the ‘landmines of the countryside’.

Mr Lyttle said Alliance’s manifesto pledge to ban the manufacture, sale and use of snares in Northern Ireland was to show how serious the issue was.

“Last year, Belfast City Council backed an Alliance motion calling for the selling of snares for capturing or killing animals to be made illegal. This is in addition to around three-quarters of people in Northern Ireland backing a ban. That sends out a clear message that urgent action is needed to tackle animal cruelty.

“That’s why Alliance pledged to introduce such a ban in our manifesto. We remain committed to this issue and it is one we will continue to work on until such horrifying cruelty is completely eliminated. A total ban on snares is the only humane option available in this matter.”

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