Alliance members table private members’ Bills for consideration

Alliance MLAs have tabled a range of private members’ Bills for the new Assembly mandate, saying progress is needed in various areas to ensure our society doesn’t get left further behind.

The Bills range across a number of issues, from looking for movement in areas such as integrated education, equal marriage, display of flags on street furniture and animal welfare.

In addition, Alliance Leader David Ford has submitted a Bill in a personal capacity seeking reform of the law around terminations in cases of fatal foetal abnormality. He said the Bills, if successfully accepted by the Speaker, would help bring our society forward.

“One of the biggest criticisms of the last Assembly was the lack of progression on the matters that really matter to people,” said Mr Ford.

“It was frustrating for Alliance too, as we saw attempted movement on a number of issues frustrated by others.

“That’s why we have decided to hit the ground running and try to make this Assembly term truly deliver for the people of Northern Ireland. From integrated education to equal marriage, these are the issues we constantly hear from people they want to see progress on.

“Northern Ireland is already far behind the rest of the UK in terms of many of these issues and is in danger of falling even further behind if we do not get serious movement soon. We need to get our society to better, sooner, and this is how we can do that.”

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