Ford says Nesbitt lasted two speeches, not two weeks, before grandstanding

Mike Nesbitt demanded two weeks for negotiations around forming a Government, yet lasted two speeches before grandstanding out of the Executive, Alliance Leader David Ford has said.

Mr Ford said Ulster Unionist leader Mr Nesbitt had “knee-jerked” once again by announcing today his party would go into opposition.

“During the election campaign, Mr Nesbitt regularly claimed he had secured a two-week period for negotiations to take place around forming an Executive. However, during today’s first session of business, he lasted merely two speeches before announcing he would be going into opposition.

“He also repeatedly stated the Programme for Government talks and security situation would form the basis of his decision. The question needs to be asked – did Mike Nesbitt simply mislead the electorate?

“Whether in opposition or not, today’s move by the UUP shows Mr Nesbitt clearly makes decisions based on where he can best be seen, as opposed to what can best help the people of Northern Ireland.”

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