Lunn motion gives Assembly chance to prevent chaos on 11-plus

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA is proposing a motion in the Assembly tomorrow which will give politicians a chance to prevent chaos on post-primary transfer. Alliance is calling for the CCEA test to be employed on a temporary basis to avert the anarchy presented by the Education Minister’s proposals.

Trevor Lunn MLA stated: “Alliance has put forward a proposal to stop chaos on post-primary transfer. We have called for selection to be maintained temporarily to end the confusion and anarchy which comes as a result of Caitríona Ruane’s unregulated system.

“This motion gives all parties in the Assembly the perfect chance to start addressing the problems that have been allowed to build up in recent months on the issue of transfer.

“Alliance is building consensus and we have consulted widely with unions, principals and other stakeholders. So far, no other party have made any real progress in this area.

“This crisis waiting to happen simply must be averted. The DUP and Sinn Fein have let our transfer system freewheel into this crisis because of their dogma and failure to seek consensus.

“This issue is one of the biggest challenges facing local politicians at the moment. We have met this challenge, but others have not.

“The debate on our motion must see all parties working together to address this problem. There must be no more vitriol and character assassination. The other parties need to wise up and work with us to find a way to avert this very real crisis. Parents have already had enough sleepless nights over this matter – they will not accept this situation any longer. Consensus must be found now, and this debate gives the Assembly a great opportunity to do so.”


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