Put 11-plus fights aside for the greater good – Lunn

Put 11-plus fights aside for the greater good – Lunn

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA today proposed a motion in the Assembly calling for the temporary maintenance of academic selection to prevent unregulated chaos on post-primary transfer.

Trevor Lunn MLA: “We have offered a short-term fix to allow all parties to reconsider the way forward and prevent this impending crisis.

“Temporarily using a CCEA formulated test based on the literacy and numeracy components of the revised curriculum would alleviate the chaos that children, parents and teachers currently face.

“The Alliance Party has consulted widely on our proposal to temporarily maintain selection. Our policy paper has received much support among educationalists and we have been praised for seeking to build consensus.

“I believe that if the Minister can be persuaded to run with our proposals, there would be little to stop our consensus position being successfully implemented.

“At this point in time we are prepared to put our core principles on hold for the greater good. Other parties should be prepared to do so to. If they are not prepared to, this would be a damning indictment on them. It’s over to you Minister.”


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