Long: UUP will go to any lengths to oppose Alliance

Councillor Michael Long has said it’s clear the UUP will go to any lengths to oppose the Alliance Party – even suggesting we celebrate English football fans, despite their appalling behaviour during the European championships.

The latest meeting of Belfast City Council backed Alliance plans to write to both the Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland football teams in celebration of their successes – with Jim Rodgers suggesting the achievements of the England team should also be celebrated.

Councillor Michael Long said: “It is completely ridiculous that Jim Rodgers could even suggest congratulating an England team after their dismal performance on the pitch.

“What’s even more far-fetched is that he must have been watching a different group of English fans as what the rest of us saw as brawling in the streets, he has viewed as something to celebrate.

“There is no comparison with the fantastic behaviour of our fans and his comments tonight only goes to show his petty attitude towards Alliance. Although this time his clutching at straws has only left him looking foolish.”

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