Armitage condemns those behind ‘foreigners out’ pallet

Alliance East Belfast Councillor David Armitage has said a local bonfire which displayed a racist slogan is a “complete disgrace” to the community.

Mr Armitage was speaking regarding a pallet at the bonfire at the Connswater Community Greenway close to Ravenscroft Avenue, which was daubed with ‘foreigners out’. Mr Armitage said it was “sickening”.

“The vast majority of local people will join me in condemning this disgusting slogan, which is unrepresentative of the East Belfast area. Thanks to the work of Alliance and others, police removed the offending pallet quickly.

“This particular bonfire has already been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Now those who bring nothing but negative attitudes towards those who actually contribute to our society have brought further bad press to it.

“Migrants play a hugely positive role in our community, strengthening the economy and bringing cultural diversity to Northern Ireland. East Belfast is an open and vibrant place. We cannot allow those who would seek to destroy that and spread their poisonous views to win.”

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