Long seeks change to Irish Cup Final ticket sales

East Belfast MP Naomi Long has called on the Irish Football Association (IFA) to change its method for purchasing tickets for the upcoming Irish Cup Final.

Alliance MP Mrs Long was approached by Glentoran-supporting constituents regarding the game, pitting the Glens against Portadown on May 2 at Windsor Park, after the IFA announced it would only be using online vendor Ticketmaster to sell tickets for the match.

Mrs Long said the news led to a number of factors that had the potential to overshadow the game.

“Unfortunately, and despite sterling work carried out by the club, we have seen past violence at this particular fixture. My fear is that with Ticketmaster selling Final tickets, a number of people who aren’t fans may travel to the game for the express purpose of seeking disorder and the current set-up would only help them achieve that.

“With Ticketmaster selling tickets, it will mean those in attendance will be allocated specific seating. Whilst I understand the need for safety, it will remove the capacity for those who wish to sit with family and friends to do so, which is currently one of the attractions of Irish League football.

“I have written to the IFA to ask they reconsider and allow clubs to sell their own allocations, as I feel using Ticketmaster may lead to more problems than solutions in relation to this game. It would be a pity if local football’s showpiece spectacle was allowed to be overshadowed by factors that are easily solvable.”


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