Lo demands that Durkan explains his actions at special meeting of environment committee

Alliance Environment spokesperson, Anna Lo MLA, has called for a special session of the Environment Committee to hear answers from the Environment Minister about his plans to make large cuts to several environment organisations.

Anna Lo MLA said: “While all Departments are facing severe financial problems, the cuts to some of these environmental organisations are completely disproportionate, with some having all their funding cut.

“Mark H Durkan has completely mismanaged his budget and there has been no transparency around his decisions, with a lack of engagement with both the Assembly Environment Committee and the environmental sector. He has shown disrespect to the Assembly by his failure to appear before the Committee to discuss his budget. I have previously questioned his plans for his budget and the methodology he has used to make savings.

“I am now calling for a special session of the committee and would call on the Minister to attend this meeting to explain his decision on these cuts and his budget.

“Durkan has failed to stand up for the environment during his time in office. I hope he will be able to explain his decision at this special meeting.”


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