Long says violence must end

Alliance MP Naomi Long has said those behind further violence in her constituency are doing nothing but “torturing” residents in East Belfast.

Mrs Long said another night of violence, which saw the windows of three homes in the Albertbridge Road area damaged along with a police vehicle in Lord Street, was not what the vast majority of local people wanted.

It follows several nights of violence at the interface and a series of security alerts in the area, including at East Belfast MP Mrs Long’s Newtownards Road offices last week.

“This pressure which this is placing on residents is completely intolerable,” she said.

“Night after night they have to live with violence, or with the fear of violence. Their homes are damaged and their peace disturbed. The trouble we have seen does nothing but disrupt people’s lives, cause difficulties for businesses and prevent further investment in East Belfast by perpetuating a negative view to the outside world.

“I would reiterate my earlier appeals for parents to have knowledge of the whereabouts of their children every evening and keep them away from the area. I would also appeal for anyone with information on these attacks to contact the police immediately and help them in bringing this to an end.”


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