Lunn disappointed by deeply offensive comments by Gregory Campbell

Alliance Education spokesperson, Trevor Lunn MLA, has condemned the offensive comments made by Gregory Campbell in the Assembly chamber on Monday. When he was asked to speak in the chamber he said “curry my yoghurt, can coca coalyer”, mocking the Irish for ‘thank you, Speaker’ which is ‘go raibh maith agat, Ceann Comhairle’.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I was disappointed by the offensive comments made by Gregory Campbell. He was rude and disrespectful to Irish speakers.

“We all know what the DUP’s views are on Irish language, there was no need for such inappropriate behaviour.

“It will be interesting over the next few days to see what amendments to the Education Bill, in respect of representation for the Irish medium education sector, are brought forward by the DUP and other parties. My impression is that the DUP do not intend to tolerate any specific reference to Irish medium education in this Bill. Are we going to see yet more petitions of concern?”


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