Long says fair deal essential for PMS savers

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long MP has said it’s vital a deal is struck quickly to deliver a fair solution for PMS savers. She said the deal must form part of the Comprehensive Spending Review next week.

Naomi Long MP said: “PMS savers have had many sleepless nights since 2008, worried that they may never see all their savings again.

“Many of the savers are older people and we need to see a fair deal quickly so that they can make ends meet in their retirement. We are also coming into another winter which will mean large fuel and electricity bills for people and they need to be assured they will get the support they need.

“I want to see this issue addressed within next week’s Comprehensive Spending Review. People with savings in other institutions have had their money protected and would be deeply unfair if the PMS customers did not receive the same support.

“Politicians from right across the community have worked hard to try and deliver a deal for savers and we need to see the UK Government playing their part and finalising this deal.”


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