Long says we need comprehensive process to deal with the past

On the day that Lord Saville is addressing the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee at Westminster, Alliance Committee member Naomi Long MP has said a comprehensive process which will help build a more shared and less unstable future is essential to enable us to address the past.

Naomi Long MP said: “It is clear, not least from the meetings which we had on Monday, when the Committee met with the Justice Minister, Police Chief Constable and the Victims’ Commissioners, that we need to put in place a comprehensive process to deal with the past in Northern Ireland. The current fragmented and piecemeal approach does not serve victims as well as it might and is unlikely to address wider issues of reconciliation, which are so important if we are to build a better future for us all.

“It is imperative that the Secretary of State Owen Paterson takes the lead in engaging all parties to find a way forward which will address the past and its legacy.

“People deserve the truth about events and we need to deliver an effective and efficient process to enable this to be provided. We must also ensure that in dealing with the past we help in building a shared future, so that the tragic events we have seen are never repeated again.”


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