Farry says potential cuts highlight need for Green New Deal

Alliance Finance Spokesperson Stephen Farry MLA has says the potential budget cuts facing Northern Ireland make the creation of a Green new Deal all the more vital to help boost the construction sector and the wider economy here. His comments come following the publication of a PricewaterhouseCooper report which said the Comprehensive Spending Review could put around 16,000 private sector jobs at risk here.

Stephen Farry MLA said: “It is clear that the spending cuts will have major implications for jobs here. There’s no point in trying to pretend otherwise.

“There is a real challenge for the Executive to make the best use of even scarcer resources to assist the private sector recovery. Alliance in particular would highlight the potential of the Green New Deal which would deliver investment in energy efficiency schemes for domestic properties, the business sector, and the public sector and state. This would be a quick and effective way of giving people particularly in the construction trade access to work as well helping us address energy costs and environmental concerns.

“With respect to the public sector I believe that rather than arguing over who is to blame for the current financial crisis, trade unions should be banging on the door of the Finance Minister to work out what is the best way of maximising the number of public sector jobs that can be protected. It is important to remember that the wages and salaries of people in the public sector will have multiplier effect on the private sector.”


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