Long demands loyalist decommissioning following explosives find in North Belfast

Alliance Deputy Leader, Naomi Long, has demanded that loyalist paramilitaries decommission in the wake of an explosives find in the Glencairn area of North Belfast. Naomi Long stated that she wants unionists to demand loyalist decommissioning with the same energy which they devote to calling for republican decommissioning. Naomi Long also reiterated fears regarding David Ervine’s recent comments about the potential for loyalist violence.

Cllr Naomi Long MLA stated: “All loyalist paramilitaries must decommission now so that the peace process can be moved forward.

“Unionists are obsessed with the need for republican decommissioning, but they must address loyalist paramilitary decommission with similar zeal and urgency. If unionists ignore the immediate need for loyalist decommissioning, they would be acting in a very hypocritical manner.

“The explosives find in the Glencairn area of North Belfast is an extremely sinister development given David Ervine’s repulsive comments about the potential for loyalist violence if the British and Irish governments pursue cross border co-operation without the Assembly in place.”


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