Neeson backs single electricity market but is alarmed by delay in implementation

Alliance Economy spokesperson, Sean Neeson, has backed the UK and Irish government’s move to create a Single Electricity Market for the whole island of Ireland; however, he has voiced concerned about delays in its implementation. The system, announced by government today, will be tested from July to November 2007 and will be operational after that time.

Sean Neeson said: “The single electricity market is the first of its kind in Europe and it will hopefully deliver an improved service for everyone.

“This development heralds the drive towards a single European energy market.

“I am however, concerned that the implementation of the single electricity market has been delayed from its original launch date of July 2007, and I hope that it can become operational as soon as possible.

Sean Neeson concluded: “The system when it is delivered, will hopefully provide the best solution on energy provision for the island of Ireland.”


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