Dunlop calls for calm in the run-up to Ballymena nationalist parade

Alliance North Antrim Representative, Jayne Dunlop, has called for calm in Ballymena, on the day that a nationalist march is due to take place in the Fisherwick area of the town.

Jayne Dunlop said: “I would appeal to everyone to act in a calm and sensible manner this evening to ensure that the coming days pass peacefully in Ballymena.

“Last year we saw tension in the area escalate following the nationalist march. Hopefully this year everyone, no matter what their political affiliations, will ensure that order is maintained in the area.

“We have seen so many tragic events in Ballymena over the past few months. I hope that people will act in a restrained manner in the coming days to prevent further tragedies.

“Last night there was an attack on a man in Dunclug estate. I strongly condemn this attack and hope that we do not see a repeat of this type of incident in future.”


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