Other parties playing catch up on double taxation – Lawther

Antrim Alliance Councillor Alan Lawther has said that once again other parties are playing catch-up with the Alliance Party on taxation and rating issues. His comments come as the SDLP complained of the “double taxation” of rates hikes plus inheritance tax – an issue raised by Cllr Lawther over two months ago.

Alan Lawther stated: “The Alliance Party raised the issue of double taxation on property in the context of rates hikes months ago. We are glad other parties are catching up now, but our case would have been more effective if they had supported us originally.

“Not for the first time we see the Alliance Party lead the way on essential bread-and-butter issues, for other parties to catch on much later.

“Northern Ireland would be better off economically, socially, and politically if it was governed by local parties focusing on the issues that really count, rather than on a constitutional issue which serves only to divide us. Alliance will continue to prioritize areas where we can make a real difference.

Alan Lawther concluded: “One wonders whether other parties will be quite so quick to back us when we suggest that we remove the need for rates hikes by saving on segregated housing, segregated education, and segregated leisure centres. We will find out then whether other parties are serious about responsible politics and responsible economics, or whether they are just engaged in the crass populism which has held Northern Ireland back for so long.”


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