Lo welcomes Minister’s cash support for mixed housing

Alliance Social Development spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has welcomed the news that £1 million fund will be provided for grants to community groups in mixed neighbourhoods to promote community relations. The Housing Executive will manage the Shared Neighbourhood Programme, which has already helped five areas and it is hoped will help another twenty five areas.

Anna Lo MLA said: “This money shows that the Executive is beginning to see the benefit of promoting mixed housing and community relations, although there is still much more work to be done. Alliance has been calling for funding like this for a long time, so it is good to see that they have finally come round to our way of thinking.

“Five areas have already been benefiting from grants including Springfarm in Antrim and Ballynafeigh in Belfast , and I look forward to other areas gaining similar grants. This funding, in the long-term, will hopefully result in financial benefits by paving the way for ending segregation.

“We have been stressing for years the potential benefits of reducing the segregation in our society, which is costing us £1.5 billion annually. I hope that the Executive will do more over the coming year to promote integration and provide the support needed to start unlocking the massive amount of cash that is wasted every year on segregation.”


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