Alliance demands action on flood hit flats

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Michael Long has called for immediate action to tackle flooding problems at Willowbrook and Woodstock flats in the Cregagh area which have been flooded again following previous severe flooding last year. Cllr Long, who has had several meetings with the Housing Executive over the past year asking for work to be undertaken, is asking that plans which have been drawn up to tackle the measures are implemented and that the Housing Executive is given the necessary funding.

Cllr. Long said, “It is ridiculous that residents in these flats have been subjected to yet more flooding and inconvenience following the problems last year in which severe flooding occurred to the basement and the power was cut off for many hours, leaving residents with no electric or heating.

“After the last incident, I met with Housing Executive stressing the need for immediate action to be taken to help prevent a recurrence of the flooding experienced. They have drawn up a list of measures to help tackle the problem but most have not been implemented, including introducing berms and improvements to the drainage.

“One measure that is particularly needed is to move the switchgear and electric plant from the basement to a higher level, so that even if there is flooding in the basement then the power supplies would not be affected. On this occasion, the water stopped just below the plant supply but the lift were again put out of action. In addition, I believe that alternative arrangements must be made for storage which is currently in the basement and which has now been flooded again.

“It is vital that the plans the Housing Executive have are now implemented and I will be asking again that the Stormont Executive release the necessary funding to introduce measures which are needed to give residents some reassurance that they are less likely to live under the constant threat of having their lives disrupted every time it rains heavily.”


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