Enniskillen needs new voice to represent everyone

Alliance Party Enniskillen by-election candidate Dr Kumar Kamble is today submitting his nomination papers at the Townhall in Enniskillen. He stated that Enniskillen needs a new voice that will represent everyone, not just one side or the other. He also said that people are sick of the failures of the Executive to meet in the past two months and their failure over key issues like scrapping the 11-plus, environmental protection and the Maze stadium.

Dr Kumar Kamble said: “People in Enniskillen need a fresh new voice to represent the whole community, not just one of the two sides. I have a strong background in serving the community as a doctor at the Erne Hospital so I understand the concerns people have about funding for local services.

“The DUP, Sinn Fein, the Ulster Unionists and the SDLP are failing within the Stormont Executive. It is their fault that there is total chaos over the scrapping of the 11-plus, they failed to create an independent environmental protection agency, they are letting weeds grow over the Maze site instead of building a stadium, and they have not implemented free personal care for older people.

“These parties’ catalogue of failures almost grows on a weekly basis. The Executive has not met since mid-June and will not meet again until mid-September because they cannot agree on anything. This shows the total lack of respect that these parties have for local people.

“For too long, Fermanagh has suffered underfunding in vital services and public transport. We have also missed out on important job and tourism opportunities and I aim to address these problems. It’s time for a fair deal for Fermanagh.”


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