Lo to raise human trafficking in Assembly after QUB Alliance campaign

Following the overwhelming response to the Alliance petition against human trafficking at Queens’ University freshers’ fair, South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo said she will put a motion to the Assembly on the issue. The Queen’s Alliance petition gained over 250 signatures at the freshers’ fair held on Wednesday.

South Belfast MLA Anna Lo said “We had a massive response to the Alliance petition at Queen’s University freshers’ fair. I intend to put a motion to the Assembly on this issue.

“Victims of human trafficking must be given a voice. The Assembly must be given the chance to send out the strongest possible message that exploitation and abuse must not be allowed to happen.

“In May, a man was convicted of the murder in North Belfast three years ago of a young Chinese woman Qu Mei Na. She was thought to be a victim of human trafficking.

“Also, earlier in the year a conference at Queen’s University discussed this issue. Local MLAs must follow their example and move this important issue up the agenda. It’s time that a light was shone on this extremely sinister and often hidden area.”

Chair of Queen’s Alliance, Michael Bower, said: “I am very pleased with the massive response we had on this issue at the fresher’s fair.

“It’s also great news that Anna Lo will put a motion to the Assembly. This will raise awareness and put more pressure on the authorities to combat the growing problem of human trafficking. Anything that can be done should be done to stamp out this horrific practice.”


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