Ford in call for real decommissioning from UDA

Alliance Leader David Ford MLA has called for real decommissioning from the UDA following their request for General John de Chastelain to brief Margaret Richie on their talks that have taken place over the past two years. It is claimed that these talks will show the Social Development Minister that there has been ‘meaningful engagement’ in the decommissioning process. The UDA believe that this will be enough to persuade her to continue their conflict transformation funding.

The South Antrim MLA said: “The UDA’s offer for General John de Chastelain to explain about ‘meaning engagement’ amounts to nothing unless this ‘meaning engagement’ leads to actual decommissioning.

“While on the surface it appears to be a positive statement, Margaret Richie has however called for action and I believe that she should stick by her demands for real decommissioning and not for more meaningless chatter.

“There are plenty of valid community groups untainted by paramilitary groups which would be quite capable of spending money for the benefit of everyone in deprived protestant communities.”


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