Alliance Leader welcomes rail boost on Derry line but says it’s not enough

Alliance Leader and South Antrim MLA David Ford has backed news that improvements are being made to the rail service on the Londonderry line but said these moves were not enough. He stated that the new services do not meet demands, because there has been nearly a 30% increase in passenger numbers on this line in the past two years. Translink stated that from Monday, 1 October they will be providing two extra peak services to Belfast and two extra return services in the afternoon.

David Ford said: “I welcome this announcement; however, more improvements are still needed. This announcement is slightly disappointing, since we know that Translink had hoped to provide an hourly service during the day.

“This move can be seen as a step forward, but there is still not enough rolling stock to cater for the almost 30% increase in the number of passengers using the Derry line in the past two years.

“If the regional transportation strategy is to mean anything, the Department for Regional Development must fund the essential improvements. They should upgrade the line north of Ballymena and provide additional rolling stock to ensue a quality service for passengers, not just from Antrim and Mosley, but right up Londonderry.

“An improved service is vital not only for commuters but also for students at University of Ulster in Coleraine and Derry. We welcome Translink’s measures, but we will be keeping the pressure on them to deliver an even better service.”


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