Lo supports call for action to retain Coleraine DVANI

Alliance MLA Anna Lo has said the potential closure of the Vehicle Licensing Office in Coleraine is a major blow for the area and the industry in Northern Ireland.

The Environment Committee Chair was speaking in support of an Assembly motion calling for the Westminster Government and the Northern Ireland Executive to take actions to retain the existing jobs and services.

Anna Lo MLA said: “As Chair of the Environment Committee I have kept a close eye on developments around the Driver and Vehicle Agencies. While the Committee is not opposed to modernisation and improvement of the current system, we believe these services can be implemented by the existing experienced staff in Coleraine.

“Investment in the IT infrastructure for the DVA NI is long overdue. How can we expect our local offices to compete if IT systems here have not received investment from the UK for many years?

“The closure of the office in Coleraine, and across the country, is not good for Northern Ireland any way. Coleraine is an unemployment hotspot, this office is an important asset for the town, we must do all we can to protect it.

“This move will also have a dire impact on the economy of Northern Ireland and if it goes ahead could remove up to £22m per annum from our economy.”
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