Lo shows solidarity with Zimbabweans over humanitarian crisis

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has shown her support with Zimbabweans currently living in Northern Ireland on the humanitarian crisis currently happening in Zimbabwe. She attended a demonstration organised by the Zimbabwe Solidarity Campaign outside Belfast City Hall.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I am proud to show my support to the Zimbabwe Solidarity Campaign who have organised this demonstration to highlight the humanitarian crisis that is happening in their country.

“We have all seen the horrible pictures of the starvation and the cholera that is gripping Zimbabwe and that is turning what was once the breadbasket of Africa into a disaster zone.

“In the past year Zimbabwe has faced many things, from the violence by Robert Mugabe’s regime, to the sham election that Morgan Tsvangirai legitimately won, to the hope of a peace deal, but now they face this humanitarian crisis.

“Robert Mugabe had claimed that this crisis is under control but Save the Children has claimed that it is not under control and if anything is getting worse. The World Health Organisation has estimated that nearly 800 have already died but that 60,000 might become infected with cholera if this crisis is not brought under control.

“The international community must maintain the pressure on Robert Mugabe to acknowledge that his country is facing a crisis and to allow international aid agencies the freedom they need to bring this under control.


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