Neeson welcomes bill cuts but is unhappy with NIE

Alliance Enterprise Spokesperson Seán Neeson MLA has welcomed the announcement of cuts to gas and electricity rates but said he is unhappy that Northern Ireland Electricity will not be reviewing prices until the autumn. He has called for NIE to be brought before the Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee.

Long-standing fair energy prices campaigner, Séan Neeson MLA stated: “Any price cuts are welcome, but I am very dissatisfied at NIE. I believe that NIE as a public utility should be brought before Public Accounts Committee of the Assembly. It is totally unsatisfactory that they will not review price until next autumn.

“This price reduction would not have occurred had devolution not been here. I welcome fact that there has been much greater co-operation between elected members and the Utility Regulator.

“Despite the fact that the price cuts are not substantial enough, I am glad that energy prices are coming down because it appears this will be the only help local people will get, as the Stormont Executive is still stalling on tackling fuel poverty.

“It is also time for some form of regulation in Northern Ireland for domestic heating oil and coal prices. A careful eye needs to be kept on them to assist the public during this difficult time.”


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