Lo organises meeting for residents with Minister Edwin Poots on planning

A meeting organised by Alliance MLA Anna Lo with Environment Minister Edwin Poots and residents of Piney Hills in South Belfast has taken place today. Anna Lo said people are concerned about the area being overdeveloped and are worried about the cumulative effect of development on the area.

Anna Lo MLA said: “It’s essential that we maintain the character of residential areas like Piney Hills and people want to prevent the over-development in the neighbourhood. This is a massive issue and I am pleased that the Minister came and met with residents to discuss planning matters. It’s important that people got the chance to put forward their views on this matter.

“I also want to take this opportunity to welcome the addendum to Planning Policy Statement 7 entitled ‘Safeguarding the Character of Established Residential Areas’, which seeks to facilitate better management of re-development and infill planning in residential areas. I am pleased that the issue of cumulative effect is finally being addressed by the Planning Service, particularly given the negative impact that some development has had on residential areas such as Piney Hills. I hope that this addendum will enable the planning service to make ‘common-sense’ decisions which do not just consider individual applications, but the area as a whole.

“People in Piney Hills are deeply worried that large swathes of the area could be turned into apartment developments. They are also worried about pressures on infrastructure in the vicinity in relation to potential new developments. I am pleased that residents have had the opportunity to discuss their concerns with the Minister.”


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