Cochrane disgusted at Cooper’s comments on HMRC sackings

Castlereagh East Alliance Councillor Judith Cochrane has condemned comments by former TUV candidate Ann Cooper supporting those sacked by HMRC for racially discriminating against minority ethnic people.

Cllr Judith Cochrane said: “I am disgusted at Ann Cooper’s comments. They are nasty and are totally incorrect. We need to challenge urban myths about immigration and concentrate on the facts and challenge prejudice.

“We are trying to market and promote Northern Ireland across the world and to have comments like these being made is deeply damaging.

“It is worth noting that Ann Cooper trailed in last in a recent by-election whilst Alliance , which promotes equality and a shared future, more than doubled our vote and the people of Castlereagh East helped to elect Naomi Long as their MP.

“Migrants play a vital role in our society and enrich our community both economically and culturally. We are trying to build a shared society for all and it is very disappointing to think that people hold views of this nature. I call on Ann Cooper to withdraw her remarks and apologise for them immediately.”


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